++IHANW07: MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL presents: "nearer my god in spring"

- Released 05.12.08 as a promotional item (sent out with IHANW05) and gift (for friends).
- Packaged in Arigato Paks with printed/typewriter-ed stickers, lightscribe-d discs and insert (pictured above).
- Cover art by Sara Coffin (scroll to bottom). Insert art by T Thurston.

*NOTE - This mix is split up into 11 tracks for logistical purposes, but is completely continuous. Make sure that your software is set to burn with zero seconds between tracks if you want it on CD.
***Download zip file ihearanewworld.com/mp3/NearerMyGodInSpring.zip***. It's a zip folder of the entire album (192kbps mp3) + relevant art & text files. Or, right click (or control+click on Macs) on the links below to save the individual files on computer.
01 BEACH BOYS wonderful (Friends)
02 BLACK DICE creature (Creature Comforts)
03 BA BENZELE PYGMIES women gathering mushrooms (Bayaka)
04 VAN DYKE PARKS van dyke parks (Song Cycle)
05 KEITH HUDSON mercy (Nuh Skin Up)
06 CLEMENT DODD bionic dub (Studio One Dub)
07 SCIENTIST cry of the werewolf (Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of the Evil Vampire)
08 CONGOS youth man (Congo Ashanti)
09 HORACE ANDY ain't no sunshine (from lots of stuff)
10 LONE RANGER the answer (Studio One DJs)
10 BUNNY WAILER dance ha fi gwan (Rock 'N Groove)
11 APPLEBLIM fear (Skull Disco 01)
12 POLE schoner land (Steingarten)
13 SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN the parakeet beat (Fire Escape)
14 BA BENZELE PYGMIES boyobi at spear-hunting camp (part one)
15 FIRST NATION female trance (First Nation)
16 THE ETERNALS scorpion (Heavy International)
17 JOSH ABRAMS/EMMET KELLY/FRANK ROSALY live at the viaduct (excerpt) (Unreleased)
18 MILES DAVIS thinkin one thing and doin another (On The Corner)
19 MULATU ye gelle te zeta (Ethiopiques 4)
20 TINARIWEN metadja yinmixan (Aman Iman)
21 ALI FARKA TOURE hani (Radio Mali)
22 DESERT TURTLES & MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL on the wings of a desert turtle (unreleased)
23 BA BENZELE PYGMIES women off to gather payu
TECHNICAL NOTES (expanded upon from the original liner notes):
    Mixed live and in real-time @ HEAR A NEW WORLD in Chicago, Illinois (USA) by T Thurston in late April 2008. These are records, CDs & digital files run through effects pedals (reverb, delay & flange). (Sorry to the musicians if my edits bum you out).
    Can you hear the spring blooms & late night walks? The recordings of the Pygmies weave their way through all of this. Stephen gave me the CD and said it was good music to listen to while coming off mushrooms and I believe him.
    I Recorded the Abrams / Kelly / Rosaly trio on a little mp3 player @ the Viaduct Theater in Chicago, IL on 04.20.08 at the Version Fest, which we also played. The song here is a short excerpt of an incredible jam (the few that were there would agree).
    Desert Turtles are Bryan L. and Dallas G. on guitars and effects. We're all in an eternal band called Sutherland, but this song came from an improv they did together and then gave me to me. I edited their raw jam, did some reverb drones and overdubbed an Ensoniq ESQ1. Desert Turtles are based in beautiful Provo, Utah.
    THANK YOU musicians, sound engineers and producers for this wondrous music - this is great inspiration and beauty.