++IHANW04: MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL presents: "winterlude, winterlude"
-"winterlude, winterlude" is presented below for free download. Please download the whole thing and not just one or two tracks. It is stupid to do otherwise!

-CDr given away to friends and fans around the winter holiday season 2007/2008.

-This is a live mix created by hooking up two record players, two CD players, two MP3 players, one microphone and effects units to a digital recording device. This shit is totally crazy and you're gonna love it. Listen to all of the tracks in order, at least the first time and then another time later. Then you can skip the songs you don't like. Maybe you think you hate "Fats" Waller for some weird reason, or that "New Morning" is a bad Dylan album? Well listen to these songs all together and maybe you'll change your mind! You ever thought of that?

-The term "live mix" is used opposed to "DJ mix" or "mixtape" as most DJ mixes made in the last seven or eight years have utilized computerized post-production for perfect beat matching. Also, using "mixtape" would be a bit ambiguous in this CDr age. People may think of a collection of songs someone quickly threw together on iTunes for friends on a roadtrip or something, or like how rappers and dj's and whatnot use mixtapes as a preview for new verses or beats. Well, "Winterlude, Winterlude" is sort of like that in that it has a new song from the new M,B album and some songs from artists that have influenced the new album (just some of them, though), but, like my previous mix, "summers are better than others" it was made live in a genuine spacetime. This means there are some mixing errors and missed cues because I'm not a partyrockin' DJ and my setup is pretty improvised, but this is way for these songs to be presented together. The weather was cold and wintry while it was made, so that influenced the tracklisting, but there is warmth to offset it all.

-The mix is somewhat arbitrarily split into 11 tracks in order to make for easier downloading. After you have saved all the tracks to your computer (right click "save file") and put them in a folder called "Magical, Beautiful" with a subfolder of "winterlude, winterlude", make sure that you have your media player set to "gapless play" or "0 seconds between songs" before you burn it onto CDr or upload it onto an mp3 player. Finally, you're encouraged to support these artists and seek out the rest of their work. I have a great respect for them and hope this presentation does them justice.
.Zip file containing all 11 tracks. Clicking this link will take you to a safe, third party hosting site (mediafire.com) where you will press one button to download the entire record in one zip file. You will then need to use a program like WinZip to decompress it and listen to the mp3s. You can download each track separately if you prefer by clicking the links below.

00:00 FRANZ KAFKA metamorphosis intro
00:44 T. THURSTON/NICK BROSTE ((MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL)) live piano, trombone & effects improvisation. Recorded December 2007 in Chicago, IL at Hear A New World. Exclusive to this mix.
00:00 UNKOWN ARTISTS untitled from "bougouni yaalali" on yaala yaala 2006.
04:22 ERIC COPELAND la booly boo from "hermaphrodite" 2007
00:00 HOLGER CZUKAY persian love from "movies" 1980
04:51 KEITH HUDSON satan side from "the wire: 20 years" 2002. Also on other collections, I'm sure.
00:00 HiM many in high places are not well from "many in high places are not well" 2002. This is not the Swedish false-metal band HIM. This record was made in Chicago, features Griffin Rodriguez and is very good.
04:26 BRIAN ENO sombre reptiles from "another green world" 1975
06:26 MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL winterlude 1. Occasionally while making this mix I needed time to switch records or insert cables somewhere or whatever, so I made noise with delay and ring modulation.
00:00 CYBOTRON cosmic raindance from "clear" 1982
03:34 MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL winterlude 2. See above.
04:05 ARTHUR RUSSELL platform on ocean from "calling out of context" 1985-1990.
00:00 D.A.F. im dschungel der liebe from "fur immer" 1982
03:34 CORNELIUS beep it from "sensous" 2007
00:00 GROWING firmament from split 12" with Mark Evan Burden on This Generation Tapes 2006
02:20 MAGICAL, BEAUTIFUL geist from forthcoming, untitled album 2008. This is an early edit of a rough mix. There have been more tracks added since, as well as tracks taken away. The final version will be considerably different. Nick Broste on trombone; Charlie Vinz on banjo; T. Thurston on everything else. Oh yeah, the CD skipped while playing this song.
07:41 TO BAD CATHOLICS mallory's dream from "mallorytown" 2007.
00:00 FRANZ KAFKA interlude from "metamorphosis". I was listening to this book around the time the mix was made.
00:48 JIMMIE DALE GILMORE braver newer world from "braver newer world" 1996.
05:19 BOB DYLAN winterlude from "new morning" 1970.
00:00 JOHN JACOB NILES go away from my window from a whole bunch of collections. This version is from 1958, I think.
02:34 THE MOMMAS & THE POPPAS california dreamin' from the 7" 1966.
05:14 LAVENDER DIAMOND you broke my heart from "calvary of light" 2005.
00:00 LOW just like christmas from "christmas" 1999.
03:03 BJORK frosti from "vespertine live" 2004 with silent night singing.
00:00 GALAXIE 500 snowstorm from "on fire" 1989.
05:05 FATS WALLER then you'll remember me from "fats waller & his rhythm vol. 19" 1939.

***Note1: The mp3s were ripped at the highest possible bitrate according to ihearanewworld.com's server size. Most are at 192kbps or 160kbps, but one of them is at 128kbps.
***Note2: if you have a hard copy of "winterlude, winterlude", the third song (from bougouni yaalali) is on the CD, but is missing from the tracklisting.
***Note3: The above picture was taken from my back porch in Chicago, IL in early December.